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1 September 07
  • An interview with Ratko Radivojević in Feral Tribune. Radivojević is a director and actor in a theatre from Novi Sad. What’s so special about it? The theater is on a boat and floats from one place to another via Danube, Sava, Tisa, etc. I’m a big fan of amateur acting, and “Brod Teatar” (Boat Theater) involves the local community as much as possible. The interview is in Serbo-Croatian.


  1. wangyanlin
    Jun 6, 09:23 AM #


    thank you for your suggest “So, all Fedora 10 users: Manually add all your input devices to xorg.conf and put that option in ServerLayout… That’s it…”
    has solve my problem ,I setup infrared serial receive with fedora 10 xorg.

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