A Letter to the Editor

28 June 07

I never had an urge to complain to television executives about their programs. Ok, maybe that one time, when Hugh Laurie shaved his beard in the second season of House M.D.

The stupid box is more powerful than any religion and can jump taller buildings than Superman, so why would I bother? Ok, I do pay a fee to the state Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), but they did so many stupid things that my keyboard would fall apart if I reacted to their every move.

Say, I didn’t write them when they glorified the lifestyle of a woman who bore 12 children and complained about having no time for herself. Nor did I complain when they interviewed a woman who promoted investment in the stock market by women, when both the show host and the guest disclaimed that they in no way, shape, or form represent a feminist movement – god forbid!

But, what do you do when a wedding reality show shows a groom admitting to beating his wife to be. Of course, only when she deserves it, and he feels bad about it afterwards – he is not an animal, after all!

Do you notify the police, or do you write to the responsible editor of the “48 Hour Wedding” show, or both?

Whatever you do, the response is pretty similar to when you infiltrate (accidentally!) to a neo-nazi gathering, and you call the police to let them know of the location and reason of their meeting… Very mild…


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