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20 October 07

Life in Belgrade is getting better and those healthy living hippie cafés are springing around the city. There is two of them now.

A stark vegetarian, except when I eat meat, that I am, I decided to go to one of those places, and discovered I had to take off the shoes before entering the place. Not a big deal, really, I only had two average-sized holes on my left sock.

After an hour or so of tea sipping, as I was getting ready to leave, much to my dismay, I discovered something that I have never encountered before: somebody else’s socks were in my shoes!

- Who the fuck put his socks into my shoes!? – I screamed – Seriously now, what sort of a man puts his socks into somebody else’s shoes!? What do you people have against me? And no, I’m not paying for my tea!

I had my socks mysteriously disappear before. I even had people steal the socks from my shoes – but finding someone’s stinky socks in my shoes…

I demonstratively swung the socks out, put on the shoes, and went out that place, still unilaterally exchanging insults with other guests and place owners.

As I was walking down the street, still puzzled by what had happened, I looked down onto my shoes.

- Hmm.. I was wearing black Chucks when I went into that place. And now I’m wearing yellow work boots. I don’t even own yellow work boots. How did that happen!?


  1. Viktor
    Oct 20, 09:38 AM #

    the question is, not who put socks in ‘your’ shoes, but what did they put in that tea you were sipping? I want some of that.
    And where is that place? You should put the info on “Vegeterijanac” too.

  2. Dejan
    Oct 20, 02:46 PM #

    Viktor, let’s skip the incriminating first bit :)

    A nice place that I discovered about half a year ago is in Palmotićeva, near Kosovska, and it’s goes by the name of “Klub ljubitelja zdravog života.”

    The people there are rather nice, it’s a non-smoking place, and has nice teas and such. The food is a bit dull for my taste, but I still enjoy it every once in a while.

    Vegetarijanac is currently migrating servers, it should be back up soon, and I’ll take it from there.


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