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8 September 06

The new country needs a new Internet domain to replace the old .yu. As all the obvious two letter codes have already been taken (e.g. .sr is Suriname, .sb is Solomon Islands, etc.) and the whoeverisincharge refused to give us .rs (because monarchists are lurking around), our Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to propose we use a .ss domain (straight face). Unlike us, simple minded untermensch who still relive the legacy of the World War II, the Ministry thinks that .ss will stand for “Serbs, Serbia” (face still straight).

So, as a responsible netizen, I will contribute to the debate by making a list of websites we just might see under the new domain:

  • - web portal for literary critique,
  • - Serbian edition of the controversial Heeb Magazine,
  • - web presentation of the Serbian primus inter pares church,
  • - society for the truth about World War II.
  • - Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

Make love, not war, I say, and let us have our .sx domain instead! It’s a tad bit less absurd.

UPDATE: It seems the domain name will be .rs after all. I feel good inside now :)


  1. L.J.
    Sep 10, 06:30 PM #

    Hey I'm just wondering, since you seem to be very opinionated, what do you think about Ceca? :-)
  2. serbianmess
    Sep 10, 08:16 PM #

    L.J, I usually don't think about Ceca. :) Still, music-wise, I find her songs repulsive and hard to listen to, and I sometimes wish to get into people's minds and see what is it that they like about her singing (but after a minute or so, I decide I never want to be in their minds).

    Personally, I resent her image of a "good widow of a Serbian soldier", mostly because she is a celebrity and I'm an anti-militarist feminist.

    Finally, I believe that she was de jure president of Football Club "Obilić" when they were still fixing the results (by threatening opponents), and she should be held responsible for that.

    All in all, one of the less obvious persons who profited a whole lot from the war, and will never be held responsible.
  3. Viktor
    Sep 12, 11:29 AM #

    Hey, like Eric said, you should be happy - now you can make your own domain much shorter - :)

    And speaking of Ceca, here's one for her too -

    btw, i finaly figured out what to say to people when they ask what does ".cc" in Belgrade Blog address actually stand for:
    "Cp6u, Cp6uja"

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