Bargain Grunt

23 August 07

The best way to cool off in 40°C is to drink a jug of water. Just like you would drink your tea or coffee. Not with milk though, but a few drops of lemon or honey will do it good.

As I was drinking my afternoon water, I opened up today’s Danas to the opinion page, and an article opening up with “Rene Descartes was the first person to see mechanisms in insects, to see them like programmed machines”.

I can live with people who start their thought by citing say, Slavuj Žižek, or Noam Chomsky, but I don’t understand people who have an urge to identify their own thought with a thought of a great philosopher, like Descartes, or Plato, or even Voltaire.

Instead of reading this wonderful and thought-provoking article that draws a parallel between Descarte’s philosophy and the writers view on Koštunica (I admit I didn’t read the article, but I’m absolutely certain it would draw such a parallel in a wonderful and thought provoking way), I turned on the TV.

A show called Bargain Hunt was on BBC. The show is about people who compete in who will buy antiques that will lose least money when resold in an auction. “Oh, Sally, look at this 1915 piss-pot which was used in a First World War field hospital. So beautiful! It’s a piece of history, and still practical! Only £200..”

Bargain Hunt can be watchable though. You only need to imagine Ricky Gervais as the show’s host.

But, why would I bother? Antique hunt is popular in Serbia, too! All you need to do is go to one of the many places in the city where people are selling old stuff, stolen or dived out of dumpster. Anything from books with library cards in them to Porsche steering wheels.

— How much do you ask for this thingy?
— Oh, that’s a good one. It’s an MP3 player!
— What’s that?
— You have a computer, right?
— Erm…
— You just plug it into your computer and put music into it.
— Right. I’ll give you 5€ for it.
— Five euroes!? Are you mad, that has one gygabite of storage on it! You can put, like, three CD’s worth of music in that thing!
— What’s a CD?


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