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14 January 07

At the first secret-ballot elections in Yugoslavia, the story goes, a guy went to his polling station to cast his vote. He received a sealed envelope from the staff. When he inquired if he can open the envelope, to see for whom he will vote, he got a negative response - it was a secret ballot election, after all…

I so wish those days were back. Parliamentary elections in Serbia are only a week away, which also means that we have been in the campaign for two months now! I really can’t take all the populist rhetoric that Serbian politicians have to offer - I don’t watch the TV, I don’t listen to the radio any more… In fact, I dug out a collection of hundreds of classical music records, but my record player is missing its stylus, so I am forced to listen to inferior MP3 files…

Anyway, I also took on a habit of closing my eyes whenever I pass by some sort of a political poster, or other visual propaganda material. The city is so full of Vote for me, and your penis will enlarge two inches slogans, that I already managed to hit two light poles, a jardinière, a large man with even larger mustaches, and a 52 year old single woman who left me her phone number while winking.

People ask me who will get my vote all the time… They do it in secretive way, as if they already know that the general public won’t like my answer.

- COUGH ldp COUGH - I answer if the air is sufficiently clear.
- But, but, but… - they look at me - but, they are extremist!

I know that the coalition around LDP is extremist. They accept Kosovo’s independence, will cooperate with the international community, want a country where people are not divided by ethnicity or religion, and would even allow me, as an atheist, to exist!

Then, people ask me why would I vote for somebody who doesn’t even have an economic program written out. Actually, nobody asks me that, but they should. The fact is that all other parties in the coalition have long standing programs that I have always, more or less, supported. And I’m willing to forgive for all the things they have individually done wrong in the past (which is not a lot, anyway); democracy in Serbia is, after all, in its infancy, or not even there. We are 3 months pregnant with democracy if you will. We need to build it on sane principles.

- Why don’t you vote for KoÅ¡tunica? His incumbent government brought stability to the country? - people ask, because they care about me and the future of my unborn children… But I don’t want stability. Stability is is for countries like Switzerland…

We need turmoil!

Politics needs not be made IN the parties, but THROUGH the parties, and I just can’t get my representation through those stability fetishists.

People ask me why I don’t vote for DS. They are not terrible and are likely to get a large number of votes.
- Because you will… - I answer.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I won’t pussy out whatever happens. I will buy the stylus, and listen to Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, until sounds melt… or I need a new stylus… or the elections are over.


  1. bytycci
    Jan 14, 11:16 PM #

    That’s a good one!

  2. bganon
    Jan 19, 02:35 PM #

    Well my mind is made up. I’m voting for the party that outlined the (primarily economic) policies it will carry through. I like those policies and think they are going in the right direction.

    That party also placed emphasis on social policies that I care about.

    Of course I will be a tough critic of this party if it becomes the government.

    If you can work out which party that is then the real question is why arent you voting for them too? :) (After all it doesnt make much sense voting for a party if you dont know what their policies are right?)

    And frankly I dont place that much importance on Kosovo (as lets face it Serbia has limited influence on what goes on there) so I’d would not list it as a reason for voting for or against a party. I’m surprised that it was the first reason you listed for voting LDP!

    My reasons for not voting for LDP are mainly to do with the fact that they are a liberal / neoliberal party and will likely help create the kind of society that is uneven. I dont want to live in a society where the poor become poorer – the idea is to try to raise everybodies living standard not just a select minority.

    Personally perhaps I’d benefit financially from LDP rule (well in my current job maybe not but generally I would) but I dont just vote for personal financial gain / loss.

    The other thing that surprises (or truly doesnt surprise because they will become the party of big business, not of the little man) me is their lack of specific environmental policies. Not one word on that in their campaign (that I saw). Nothing on the right of citizens to breathe fresh air etc.

    Very disapointing.

    On the other hand tempo is important and it seems to me that the abiding reason why people want to vote for LDP is to speed up this Goddamn slow drip process of reform. But is the rhetoric from Ceda realistic? I dont think so.

    Well, whatever, the next government will be better than the last one. Heres hoping, praying, that they wont let us down.

  3. Viktor
    Jan 22, 11:10 PM #

    LDP made it to the parliament with their extremist policy – i am happy.

    DS made it big to the parliament with their populist policy – i am happy. This only showed that LDP didn’t take as many votes from DS as much as their separation from DS apparently brought some new votes to DS. This is actually the best DS score ever.

    Now let’s hope DS takes off its populist mask and white gloves and wipes Kostunica off the political map.

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