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14 August 07

I just ran into a joke (page seems to update often, so you won’t find the joke there tomorrow) and thought I must share it!

Localized SMS

Default SMS templates on Nokia phones:

  1. Please call
  2. I’m at home
  3. I’m at work, please call _____
  4. I can’t answer right now, call me later at _____
  5. I am late, I’ll be there at ______
  6. (empty)
  7. (empty)
  8. (empty)
  9. (empty)
  10. (empty)
  11. (empty)
  12. (empty)

Default SMS templates localized for Serbia:

  1. Turn on the news
  2. Turn on the news, they killed _______
  3. Turn on the news, a war is starting
  4. I’m late, there is no public transporation
  5. I’m late, a _______ broke down on the car
  6. I’m late, I’ve been pulled over by cops
  7. I’m really late, a strike, they blocked the road
  8. No electricity! Fucking _______
  9. I’ll escape from work at _______
  10. GOAL! GOAL! _______ to _______
  11. No paychecks todays, don’t bother to come to work
  12. Fucking _______


  1. meeeeeee
    Aug 23, 06:57 PM #

    I _______ your blog. I think it’s ________ .

  2. nick
    May 16, 04:38 PM #

    hell you

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