Dialogues with Mr. President

14 May 08

Citizen: Welcome Mr. President! Do come in! So, your party won a plurality of the votes in these elections? Over a hundred seats in the parliament! Splendid.
Mr. President: Well, thank you, but…
C: So, how’s the new bridge in Belgrade coming along? And what about that underground transit system you promised in the campaign?
P: Ahem… I’m afraid we had a minor set-back. You see, we can’t form the government on our own. We will need to form a coalition…
C: Surely, that’s not a big problem?
P: We will need to form a coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia.
C: With SPS? You are not telling me you will not ally with Milošević‘s party!?
P: But we have, you see… It’s life — we can’t escape from reality….
C: That didn’t stop you when you were creating policy on Kosovo… Anyway, how do you plan for this coalition to work. You are pro-EU and they still hang Milošević‘s pictures on their walls!
P: Not quite… The new SPS is rather changed. In fact, we are both social-democratic parties, we share the same socialist ideas…
C: What in the name of… Mr. President, how dare you give such affirmation to SPS!? After all we went through…
P: Oh, they came quite a long way after Milošević… The party is reformed! New people…
C: Which new people!? Dačić was SPS’s spokesman in 1990s and I still remember Mrkonjić‘s post bombing reconstruction: “We managed to build this bridge over Danube, a week before the deadline, Now, I’m sure some of you journalists will want to know why the bridge is made of straw and wood — that’s because we Socialists are ecologically aware. Besides, we ran out of chicken-wire. And the pillar is made of empty rakija bottles as an example of on-spot recycling.”
P: True, but their views and corruption are now acceptable to us! Anyway, they seem more interested in creating a government with the Radicals and Democratic Party of Serbia. That must be stopped!
C: And why? From your previous description SPS seems to be an excellent, socialy aware political party that will create a perfect welfare state for us.
P: But their coalition partners…
C: You’ve been in a coalition with their coalition partners!
P: No, the other ones!
C: What’s your problem with them? Did you create a constitution together? Yes, you did. Do you share views on Kosovo? Yes, you do. So why do doubt their future government?
P: Piss off!
C: Go to hell!


  1. Sarah Franco
    May 16, 12:48 AM #

    Great!!!! I loved it.

    It depresses me, but that’s the picture.

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