Feral is no more...

26 June 08

As Feral Tribune’s masthead reads:

Weekly publication of Croatian anarchists, protestants and heretics. Published, due and despite, each first Saturday of the week. FERAL TRIBUNE is owned by those who write it and read it. By the Opinion of the Ministry of culture and education of Croatia, FERAL TRIBUNE is exempt from paying sales tax.

This coming Saturday though, Feral will not be published.

Because nobody would advertise in the only BCSMxyz publication that exposes corporate and business immoralities, frauds and corruption, and because Croatian judicial system’s first and foremost function is to protect the decent Croatian public from the type of emotional pain that is best expressed in thousands of €, journalists had to call it quits.

This has been brewing for a long time now, and all of us shouldn’t have expected that a corporation would be the one to bail out Feral Tribune (like we, and Feral’s editors, expected)… Still, I feel terribly sad about this…


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