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28 May 06

I have contemplated starting a blog for some time now. What immediately springs to mind when you hear something like that is rightful questioning of whether the world needs yet another blog.

Probably not, but it might be interesting anyway. I at first wanted to create a discourse on the impact of Pasolini's use of light pornography on the story telling, but rather decided that the world would be better off reading about, recently independent, Serbian politics.

Politics in the Balkans is such a horrific and eventful topic, that I really need a vent to blow off some steam. Occasionally, I do come up with a smart idea or two, so it would be nice do have it documented.

Before I start writing, I'd better write a little something about myself. This is a list of very broad and general things I believe in:

  • I do not have strong ethnic affiliation. Just like all other human beings, I do have ancestors, but that blood in no way defines me nor makes me different from any other human being on the planet.
  • World does not revolve around humans, so:
  • I don't subscribe to any religion.
  • In fact, I might sometimes come off as a radical atheist.
  • I am not fully convinced that states are a good thing, but I accept them as a necessary evil.
  • I do wish EU finally let Serbia join their tree-house club, but with the above mentioned provision in mind.
  • I don't think having a president of a state serves much purpose in the XXI century, let alone a monarchy (besides, we all know what a limited gene pool does for one's intelligence).
  • I do think libertarianism would work only if everyone was a socialist (email me and I will provide further readings).

That should suffice, for now.


  1. anon32
    May 28, 09:48 PM #

    First post! What's the deal with Serbia?
  2. Viktor
    May 31, 03:01 PM #

    Good luck with the blog, i like the way you started writing in it.
  3. serbianmess
    Jun 1, 05:43 PM #

    Thanks to both of you. As long as I don't get burnt out any time soon :)
  4. Max
    Jun 1, 08:20 PM #

    Looking forward to your blog :)... I am pretty certain that you will have plenty of material to write about, given what mess serbia is in :)

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