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16 August 06

Serbian sports commentators are not, what you would call, “professional.” In fact, they are more like your next-door neighbor who keeps coming, with a beer in his hand, to watch games on your TV set because his TV broke down back when Sarajevan Pape SuÅ¡ić was our player. That guy, although you wouldn’t like to be seen in public together, amuses you with his drunken and incompetent comments and you both know why you watch women’s beach volleyball.

One such commentator is Duško Kleka Korać, an employee of the Serbian state television. He became rather (in)famous for covering a handball match between Yugoslavia and Croatia, when he linked every scored goal to an injustice caused by evil Croats during the war. He kept it low for a while, but came back into the public eye when he interrupted a track and field coverage the other day to say what he thinks of B92 Forum participants’ jokes about him.

Here is my best translation of what he said:

When one talks a lot, mistakes are bound to happen, so one shouldn’t be too harsh about it. However, we’ve been informed that a site of a certain media of the Belgrade Socialist Youth and Soros (WTF!?) keeps mouth washing the RTS, foremost the sport commentators. The answer to the patients of the site they call Forum is that in medicine, parapsychopathology, I mean psychopathology, a well known fact is that abstinence causes verbal or physical aggressiveness. However, according to Morgan, the guy before Darwin, humans came about by using both hands, and not just one. As a Christian, I forgive them that, because lowers get the kingdom of heaven. I will accept critique, but not primitive insults.

I really want to know what an average Joe’s face looked like when he uttered those words.


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