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4 June 06

Feminists say that causes for war and domestic violence come from the same place, and Serbia doesn’t stand good on either issue. As wars are not fought over trenches, but over land on which actual people live, Balkanian mothers have given birth to many a soldier who went beyond the call of duty and is now wanted for war crimes.

I will not pretend I know what goes through minds of people who order or execute mass killings, but it inevitably happens. Two of the most notorious living war criminals, Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić, happen to be on the run, and also happen to be the responsibility of the Serbian government.

I already talked about how their freedom means suspension of EU stabilization talks, but as of June 1st, it also means that the Serbian government will not get $7,000,000 aid from the USA. As this money, which is not a great amount at this day and age, was not coming out of goodness of America heart, I see this as tiny little economic sanctions. The sad thing is that Serbia now officially does not cooperate with the ICTY.

If the government and its institutions were more transparent, I would perhaps be able to explain this phenomenon, but as I don’t know anything of substance, I can only speculate for possible reasons… which I would love to do, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough tea to help me through it . You might be of better luck at this blog.

Still, I don’t believe we should arrest them for hard currency, nor for the European Union or Carla del Ponte, albeit it would be nice to please EU or del Ponte. They should be arrested to show respect for the basic human rights, for all of the victims and because its not nice to have dangerous criminals running around. It would also be a hard hit at militarism and senseless nationalism that is still plaguing Balkans. Perhaps it would also help curb domestic violence.


  1. Daniel
    Jun 5, 04:44 AM #

    For the record: While the US is withholding $7m in government aid, another $62m in direct aid will continue.


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