21 July 06

I will stay off topic (politics), but a rather interesting thing happened yesterday in Belgrade. A young, handsome man approached an elderly woman selling something in the street:

Man: Hey, lady, what’s that?

Lady: Why would I bother explaining? If you don’t know what it is, you won’t buy it.

Man: You are jumping to a conclusion. I might buy it if I knew what it is.

Lady: It’s plastic stylized tulips, you want some?

Man: I don’t know, how much are they?

Lady: 150 YUD a pop.

Man: That’s too much.

Lady: How do you know it’s too much!? You had no idea what it was a minute ago.

Man: Well, we could argue about…

Lady: Mind moving a bit? There’s a customer behind you.

There was no customer behind the guy, though bricks started falling on his head, or something.


  1. bganon
    Jul 24, 07:48 PM #

    Kind of reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday at Ada Ciganlija.

    'Do you have any juice?'

    'This is what I have'? (points to different coloured liquid in bottles)

    'Do you have juice' I repeated.

    'Do you want some' (points to liquid in bottles)

    'Cant you just say 'no I dont have any juice'?' (I leave baffled)
  2. Seesaw
    Jul 27, 09:04 PM #

    And I'll say this reminds me of my past in a country called SFRJ.

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