O, da li?

30 September 06

I was just watching the news on state controlled television RTS. As the speaker was talking about the tiny problem we have got, that 90% of citizens of Kosovo don’t particularly care about Serbia, we were presented an image of several mid-aged, tobacco smoking, Albanians in a poor village, who wore cheap, worn out, tracksuits and traditional Albanian headware.

On the other hand, the part of the segment about Serbs showed a nice August day in Knez Mihajlova street, with Belgrade girls in miniskirts schlepping about.

Obviously, all Albanians are sheep-fucking shepherds, while all Serbs are 21 year old sexy girls.

Song for today: Obojeni programO, da li?


  1. Estavisti
    Sep 30, 11:04 PM #

    Clearly... Dammit, why aren't all Serbs sexy 21 year old girls? Why, God, WHY?!?
  2. Viktor
    Oct 1, 03:18 AM #

    Yes, but in that case, we would all be lesbians, which we are obviously not. Or are we?
  3. r
    Oct 1, 11:04 AM #

    It would be so nice to live in a lesbian world...
  4. serbianmess
    Oct 1, 09:14 PM #

    Well, I am happy to have provoked further investigation of your sexuality :)
  5. Michael M.
    Oct 2, 09:42 AM #

    That's funny, the subject of my doctoral thesis is: "A Demographic Impossibility? Why are all Serbs sexy 21-year-old girls?"

    I'm currently collecting pictures for my meticulously researched appendix, so any pictures you can post would do much to advance the science of demography and population dynamics.
  6. Beppe
    Oct 2, 11:45 AM #

    My serbian bestfriend isn't 21 years old girl...
    It's not fair!! :)
  7. bytyqis
    Oct 3, 04:43 AM #

    Guys, guys, this matter is serious. The bias in media is important!
    Although, I do think that if at least 80% of Serbia's population were 21yr old girls both Serbia and ex-Yu would have been much better off.
  8. cheda
    Oct 4, 09:32 AM #

    Kosovo is not separate part of Serbia so it is not possible that citizens of Kosovo have different citizenship from Serbia and in Serbia they are not even 10 present
  9. r
    Oct 4, 02:35 PM #

    I'm sure all girls were 21-year-old at some point of time. Unfortunately, I'm male, but I would be happy to become lesbian one day.
  10. PDXNET96
    Oct 14, 09:17 AM #

    I married a young sexy serbian 22 year old girl.

    My point :They do exist !!

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