Oh, the humanity!

9 May 07

The last night, I walked pass the National Assembly building. The Parliament was in session and everybody was both delighted to see the entertainment show by the MPs, as well as petrified that the nationalists from the Serbian Radical Party will get the post of the Assembly President.

As I walked by the building, at around 8 pm (the session went on until early in the morning), I heard shouting and yelling from the Assembly building, amplified by the television broadcast crew’s equipment.

Meanwhile, the punks drinking beer and smoking all sorts of illegal things sat quietly in the park next to the building and made me feel normal again.

The Serbian Radical Party, known for their naziesque politics and populist rethoric that would make Mussolini blush, won the plurality of the votes. Apart from the Socialist Party of Serbia, which also won some number of seats, all other parliamentary parties profess to be pro EU, generally liberal and normal, at least in their programs.

Democratic Party of Serbia (of the incumbent Prime Minister Koštunica) also won some seats in the Parliament. They also came up with a democratic, European, principle before the elections: that they will keep their coalition aspirations a secret.

And so they did.

Until they decided to support an anti-EU, fascist, scary, demagogue from the Serbian Radical Party for the Assembly President. The new President is not that important of a figure… He doesn’t run the country, but he runs the Parliament. The worst part of it all is that we now have a parliamentary majority that is willing to support and work with the Radical Party.

During the debate in the Parliament, the MPs started accusing each other of being scared, and each one of them went out and said that s/he is not at all scared of the Serbian Radical Party.

Well, I am scared!
I am very scared of the Serbian Radical Party.

It is a party that passed a law back in the late 1990s that forbade broadcast of all foreign media (say, international BBC, or Radio Free Europe) pieces that are critical of Serbia.

It is a party who’s boss is accused of war crimes, and we all witnessed his warmongering.

It is a party that defines people by their ethnicity and that is known to make ad hominem attacks on people based on their nationality.

It is a party that threatens to stop all relations with countries that recognize the (fully deserved) independent Kosovo.

Fuck it, I’m scared!


  1. Bogdan
    May 10, 12:58 PM #

    FUN! BTW, the gravedigger’s opinions are quite interesting:

    Nikolic said he would rather see Serbia become a “Russian province” than an EU member.

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