Pride and Tolerance

30 June 06

I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco on June 25, to attend their annual pride parade. I had a great time - people were happy and cheerful and I could just feel the great atmosphere in the air. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, from the hundred and forty year old lady standing right next to me, to that really cute girl who posed for me.

I don’t care much about dempublicans, but it was nice to see their Mayor, Gavin Newsom, take a part in the parade. Elected high officials of San Francisco pretty much have to show up at this event. If a mayor of, say, Novi Sad appeared at such an event without a baseball bat, her political career would be over.

So, here is why I think gay pride parades should be held regularly:

  • They don’t hurt anybody. Promotion of consensual sex between adults does not hurt anybody.
  • Seeing that all this gay people are rather normal and nice people makes their lifestyle more acceptable to the community.
  • If you don’t like gay people, keep it to yourself. It doesn’t matter all that much to you, but it means a lot to people who get harassed because of their sexual preference daily.
  • Parades are fun and can be very family safe. It’s a nice excuse to take your child or children out on sun and fresh air, and possibly discuss what diversity is and why it matters.

I brought my camera along, you can see some of the photos here.


  1. Warchild
    Jul 11, 08:47 PM #

    Gay parades are family friendly? Not the ones I've seen. Some make the point that it is the "pride" that pisses people off. Anyways, you've got a great blog here. Keep it up!

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