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30 May 06

Boycotts are sometimes noble, but product boycott according to their "made in" label is a big no no ever since Serbs started campaigning for the boycott of Slovenian goods, in the years before the breakup. In the early 1990s, the campaign got out of hand, although it was not that effective. Still, we all know how that ended.

Last Wednesday, a youth organization from Priština called for a boycott of Serbian products. They hope to hurt Serbian economy, but Self-determination, as this organization is called, is also urging their own government to cease independence negotiations with Serbs.

For a while, I thought it was only the Serbian government that still believed the negotiations for Kosovo's independence had any substance. The international community insists on self-determination and preservation of current borders, and unless we are up for another war, it seems like a done deal. Unfortunately for the you-will-get-fuck-all-of-Serbia camp, President Tadić misunderstood the border thing, and said he agrees with it. Tadić thought that administrative border between Kosovo and the rest of Serbia isn't really a border, you see.

So, what's up with Self-determination? Why didn't their attitude change since 1999?

If Albanians had more dignity in their victory, this entire process would be much easier to bear.


  1. Warchild
    Jul 11, 09:00 PM #

    Genuine question! The war ended with big dreams, yet 7 years later it has become one dissapointment after another. Economy, Mitrovica, the missing, travel, electricity - you name it. Serbia and the current status limbo are to blame for each of them.

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