Procrastinating Facing Reality

29 May 06

How slow?A country lagging behind in transitional reforms as much as Serbia has no time to waste on waiting things to happen. Think of it as a bad student who needs to get the average up, but decides to stay in his room and smoke instead.

Ever since Vojislav Koštunica formed the government, I see very little progress. The two most wanted men on this planet, probably next only to Al Qaeda bigwigs, are still at large. When stabilization talks with EU were suspended over Mladić, I really expected a quick reaction, or at least an attempt at appearing to be doing something, but he is still not arrested. In fact, I honestly doubt that most citizens of Serbia even realize the magnitude of damage. Miroljub Labus resigned over the scandal, but he will simply be quietly replaced.

The suspension probably played its role in the recent Montenegrin referendum for independence. Circa 55.5% of the citizens of Montenegro decided that Serbia and Montenegro no longer exists. And what did Vojislav Koštunica decide to do? Nothing at all.

The country's president, Boris Tadić, on the other hand, decided to go to Podgorica and establish some non-Balkanian (read: human) relations with our new neighbours. This, seemingly reasonable and logic, incident got a good spin by the media, which accused Tadić of trying to get to control the new Serbian army, instead of the Parliament.

So, S&M is no more.

Everybody is trying not to give a shit.

Probably sucked up by the state issued dose of lethargy, most citizens of Serbia are really mellow about the whole thing. As S&M was just a "state union", not even worthy of being called a federation, some simply don't feel any difference. Others are a bit depressed, this being a dejavu, although peaceful. Even worse, this not being the last "ensmallement" of the country.

The only enthusiasts in this situation are monarchists who see this as a new chance to get Serbia some 70 years back in time. They are not procrastinating.


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