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14 October 07

Serbia is a natural habitat of many humanoid species. The most interesting of them, in my analysis, are Political Analysts.

Political analysts tell you about political events.

They are not journalists. They don’t actually discover or report on things.

They are not political scientists either, because they don’t try to summarize political systems that their audience is unfamiliar with.

They are the sort of people who tell you what to think and whom to like — kind of like theater or film critics, except that film critics are more knowledgeable than you — they see more films than average folk and have seen the film they are reviewing before you.

Which leads me to question of: what are they good for and why is there so many of them in Serbia?

What sort of method do they use when they analyze? Is it kind of like when I analyze laundry detergent: detergent A is more expensive but I use less of it, while detergent B is less expensive but it takes more of it to for a washing machine load. Or do they use less of a scientific approach?

One popular gathering place for political analysts is New Serbian Political Thought

Let’s analyze now what those people had to say about an anti-fascist rally in Novi Sad that was interrupted by fascists:

  • Boško Jovanović: “Inviduals in Serbia claim that fascism is rising because we occasionally get anti-Semite graffiti. Serbs are the second nation in number of received medals for saving Jews during the Second World War.”

    • And that’s why Belgrade was the first Judenfrei city in Europe.

  • Boško Jovanović: “Besides, society is now dealing with this minor problem, instead of focusing on Kosovo negotiations and trying to keep political consensus of our negotiating position”.

    • Fascism is a minor problem here? True. We should all just keep political consensus and make sure nobody develops an opinion of their own!

  • Aleksandar Pavić: “If Nenad Čanak [the most outspoken MP in the anti-fascist crowd at the rally] and his followers threatened real fascists among Albanian leaders in Kosovo, they would have much more influence in Vojvodina. Because it is a fascist danger much older, real and proved deadlier than Nacionalni Stroj [a fascist organization that wanted to organize a rally in Novi Sad].”

    • Of course, Serbs with swastikas who have killed Roma before and have compiled lists of Jews and other anti-national “elements” are lesser fascists than Albanian separatists

  • Đorđe Vukadinović: “Even if Čanak’s anti-fascism was sincere, which it isn’t, and if he wanted to save Serbia of fascism, then he would have to know that his appearance and his “anti-nazism” against phenomenon against which he is, supposedly, fighting, have about the same effect as trying to cool down an engine with a glass of gasoline.”

    • Oh, what a great analysis! The best way to fight fascism is by not confronting it!



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