Religion is, like, totally boring!

5 July 07

Back in January I gave you a Christmas special – a story of how a XIX century Serbian satirist described religion education in schools during his time.

The things have meanwhile changed. For a while, kids have studied Marxism in school, but the times have changed again and now they can choose between religion and civics class.

As I was riding a bus this morning, I overheard a conversation two teenagers who just enrolled into a high-school had. It was a boy taller than me, and a girl who’s dressing style screamed: “I swear your honor, I thought she was 18!”

— It’s awesome we got into the same school! — I first overheard the girl talking — Which languages did you pick?
— English and French. French is, like, sexy — the boy answered.
— What about the elective? Will you take religion or civics class?
— Civics! — the boy seemed happy with his choice.
— Oh my god! I circled religion. You should pick religion too!
— Why? — the boy wouldn’t show his predisposition for religion. He was asking too many question.
— Because religion is, like, totally boring! I’ll need somebody to talk to during the class.
— Why don’t you take civics? I hear the teacher is alright…
— I can’t, I already circled “religion” in the form!

My biggest worry that the split of students between the civics class and the religion class would hurt how they see each other was, perhaps, unfounded after all.


  1. Bogdan
    Jul 5, 10:10 PM #

    Bah, having to choose between religion and something else? Here, in Romania, we had to choose between religion and nothing. I never went to any religion class during my highschool… although i wanted to go at least once, because the religion teacher was a really nice girl and they didn’t discuss just religion. (also I wanted to troll) :-)

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