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6 December 06

You probably heard of Vojislav Šešelj, the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, a warmonger and an author of such bestsellers as “Pontifex maximus of the satanic church – John Paul II”, “The Roman Curia – always thirsty for Serbian blood”, “English fagot fart – Tony Blair” and “In the jaws of the whore Del Ponte.”

A couple of weeks ago, after he was refused to make mockery of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (by “defending” himself, and we all know that people who defend themselves have fools for lawyers), Šešelj started a hunger strike fast, drinking only water and not eating anything.

Hunger strikes in Serbia usually manage to last for a year or two, but turns out he was serious. Last weekend, after doctors started saying he was truly ill, his party organized a protest which gathered about 25.000 people1 in a sort of a beatification celebration, claiming that Šešelj will die trying to protect all the Serbs!

The entire farce culminated when Šešelj’s pre-mortal will was read in which he told us to tighten our relations with Russia and never give up on Greater Serbia project.

Furthermore, Šešelj is now presented as the greatest “anti-globalist” in the world. Serbian Radical Party even claimed that Noam Chomsky signed a petition of support for Šešelj. I could not verify this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a hoax (if anyone has any information on this, please share).

Ghosts of the 1990s are still haunting us. Whichever party (if any) promises to outlaw warmongering and enforce it will get my vote on the upcoming elections.

1 As reported by ITAR-TASS and RIA. The last time I used Russian soruces to learn about Serbia was during the NATO bombing…


  1. Viktor
    Dec 8, 03:33 PM #

    It appears that he finished his election campaign pretty successful – i think that every supporter of SRS is now even more assured that Seselj truly is a worlds greatest anti globalist and that he actually managed to beat the tribunal.
    Anyway, if you don’t believe me, check this out, a site with a name like this cant be wrong!

  2. Balkan Witness
    Apr 6, 01:17 AM #

    You wrote,
    > Seselj … claimed that Noam Chomsky signed a petition of support for Å eÅ¡elj. I could not verify this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a hoax (if anyone has any information on this, please share).


    See also a report from the Italian news agency ANSA, Dec 1, 2006:
    1 Dic. 2006



    (ANSA) – BELGRADO, 1 DIC – Una petizione per il rispetto del diritto alla
    difesa di Vojislav Seselj – il 52/enne leader ultranazionalista serbo
    sotto processo dinanzi al tribunale dell’Aja per i crimini di guerra nella
    ex Jugoslavia (Tpi) e in sciopero della fame da oltre 20 giorni – e stata
    diffusa a Belgrado dal suo partito: l’Srs (Partito Radicale Serbo).

    Il documento reca tra gli altri la firma di Noam Chomsky, celebre
    intellettuale libertario americano da sempre critico verso la politica
    ufficiale di Washington e dell’Occidente, il quale in un messaggio
    indirizzato di fresco alla portavoce dello Srs, Marina Ragush, invia “al
    professor Seselj… i piu fervidi auguri che i suoi diritti siano
    garantiti”. ...
    I’d like to hear about it if there is other documentation of Chomsky’s support for Seselj, especially in English.

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