Sex Sells

31 August 06

I found it just a bit curious that the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and a Bosnian motor oil manufacturer use the same advertising means. After all, there is a calendar on both (on the back side in Optima’s case), girls have appropriate gadgets for what they are selling (baton / pink diving mask and a tennis racquet) and both women are naturally blonde!

P.S. Notice the pose of the girl in pink and the girl sitting on the bonnet on the top of this page.


  1. Bostick
    Sep 5, 12:08 AM #

    And the pink sneakers are a perfect match
  2. John
    Oct 1, 03:50 AM #

    I'm sorry but, I'd never buy oil that is advertised that way. I'm sure it would only cause my vehicle too many problems down the road! ;-)
  3. crni
    Oct 3, 12:34 PM #

    Ahh, but the oil could be used for so much more...
  4. igor
    Oct 11, 09:29 AM #

    What are the entries in the Orchestra's calendar? Themes for the concerts? "Sex", "Searching for God", "Bacchanal" etc. Have they been excommunicated already? :-)

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