Shit of the Decade

8 January 07

Croatian weekly Feral Tribune is famous for their “Shit of the week” section: the “best” quotes of Croatian politicians collected in one place.

Serbs don’t lack such statements. I pulled out some of my favorites from the last ten or fifteen years. Be warned though: none of it is funny or entertaining.

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav “Kalashnikov” Koštunica

  • Serbs will not be at ease until they spread on both sides of the Drina river. — 1995
  • Republika Srpska is a part of our family that we like and we feel they are close to us, although sometimes they are separated from us. It is, however, always ours and in our hearts. — 2002
  • Koštunica is excellent! — Biljana Plavšić about Koštunica, 1993

Serbian War Heroes

  • I didn’t win anything in this war. I only liberated what has always been Serbian. But, I didn’t liberate everything that is Serbian. Zadar is mostly Serbian… And Trieste is an old Serbian city. — General Ratko Mladić, 1993
  • When we don’t bombard Sarajevo, they bombard it, so they can bring foreign journalists to report about it. — Dr Radovan Karadžić, president of Republika Srpska, 1992
  • We are not against the entire world. The entire world is against us! — Dr Radovan Karadžić, president of Republika Srpska, 1993

Merry Christmas! (Grand Wizards of the Serbian Orthodox Church)

  • Karadžić has clean hands. — Mitropolit Amfilohije Radović, 2004
  • Each Serbian couple should bear six (6) children, so Raška doesn’t become new Kosovo. — Vladika Filaret, 2004
  • Our supreme commander is patriarch Pavle. — Željko Ražnjatović Arkan, 1991


  1. bganon
    Jan 8, 12:27 PM #

    Its a pity we dont have such a column (or such a newspaper). I’m tired of repeating this (or perhaps one day maybe I will be involved in founding such a venture) but I really think a low cost weekly satirical / investigative newspaper similar to Feral could survive in Serbia…

    Perhaps one day.

  2. Dejan
    Jan 8, 02:01 PM #

    Bganon – that’s evil! :) But yes, we have a wide open market for something like that. Republika tried to fill in that gap, but has unfortunately been dead since 2003.

  3. Eric
    Jan 8, 04:01 PM #

    Republika is still around, and online at a new site:

    And it still features “SvaÅ¡talica,” though without Feral’s caption-commentaries.

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