Subversive elements

4 November 06

It seems that, after the referendum, it’s once again us vs. them. Perhaps it is good to get polarized and to put patriots on one side and everybody else on the other (I’m among everybody else, apparently). Dividing issue this time will be Kosovo.

Appropriately, it’s cold and melancholic in Belgrade. I was standing at Hotel Moskva last night, and unzipped my jacket. The cold wind filled my bones and I got so light that the wind blew me right back to Kalemegdan. Three times.

I’ll get back to you all when I gather my thoughts.

P.S. No, I will not be moving to LiveJournal nor am I turning this blog personal!


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I suspect that some people will want to know more about the author of this blog. However, as my topic of writing is usually not of very personal nature, I find it inappropriate to write about personal things, say: hobbies, my pets or particularly bad ways in which girls refused me.


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