30 January 07

Dear people,

I’ve fallen ill with influenza, but I’m not coughing out bird feathers. I decided to spend some quality light fever time redesigning the blog. Enjoy the new look!

You might notice the Time cover embedded into the design. The cover is from 9/11/1995, when the international forces bombed Serbian forces in Bosnia. The headline says:

A massive bombing attack opens the door to peace

Feel free to hate me for putting it up there. You can call me insensitive, militaristic, inconsiderate, or spread the word that I am a xenophile who will never see the gray shades of Balkan conflicts.

P.S. It was recently brought to my attention that the feed posts don’t contain images that I add to articles. Until I resolve the issue, you will have to actually visit the site to get all the goodies.


  1. bganon
    Jan 31, 02:23 PM #

    Funny I dont remember that cover. Two things spring to mind when I see the cover.

    One is the somewhat contradictory concept that war brings peace.

    The second is that it didnt create peace. Kosovo followed this and we had to put up with Sloba for another 6 years!!!

    Still, I bet they managed to sell a few copies.

    Nice design change, looks very modern!

  2. Dejan
    Jan 31, 04:11 PM #

    Bganon, you are absolutely right. Back in 1995, after the shit hit the fan in both Rwanda and most of Bosnia, journalists could still sell “good vs. bad guys” story to the world. Intervention against the bad guys seemed long due to the general public. Iraq and Afghanistan, hopefully, changed that world view.

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