The Blog Is Not Dead

4 June 09

Hello all. You haven’t heard from me for a while, for all sorts of reasons:

  • laziness (I spend some time thinking before I write an entry… I was too lazy to think during the last year)
  • lack of life energy (sucked out of me by reasons not to be mentioned in this post, but have to do with the Government)
  • abundance of emotional intelligence (writing the blog makes me emotional, really. I often get sad or angry)

Anegdote was on hold for a while. But, I do hope to get back to writing.
Why? — I hear you ask!

Once again, I’ll get back to writing for all sorts of reasons, and just to name a few:

  • laziness (it get’s awfully tiring to spend hours on hours thinking how I should get back to blogging)
  • lack of life energy (writing a blog replaces social outings)
  • abundance of emotional intelligence (it’s sometimes better to get out one’s emotions through keyboard).

But there is a reason to rule them all: Nick Slaughter is coming to Belgrade!

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