The Earth Still Revolves

5 February 07

A rather nice morning, this was. Glaciers are melting, it’s 7℃ in February and I was contemplating to switching to iced tea instead of regular as my morning drink.

It soon turned out that I woke up to “At least 132 people are killed and 339 injured in a truck bombing at a marketplace in Baghdad, Iraq.“

On this day, 5/2/1994, during the Siege of Sarajevo, 68 people were killed and some 200 were wounded after a Serbian mortar attack on Markale, a Sarajevan marketplace.

The world still spins, but it sometimes surely seems a bit crooked.


  1. bganon
    Feb 7, 08:47 PM #

    I thought that this post would be a reference to global warming which is a complete non issue in Serbia :(

  2. Dejan
    Feb 7, 08:52 PM #

    bganon, actually, I’m stunned.

    Why the fuck didn’t KoÅ¡tunica (just for example) write a platform for how to clean up Pančevo, or what to do with Bor, instead of whining about Kosovo?

    I’m actually trying to research this. To see what the regulations for nature conservation are in Serbia, and to see if anyone ever payed a fine for violating them. I hope to write about the issue soon, when I get something on my hands.

  3. Aleks
    Feb 7, 08:55 PM #

    A non-issue, despite the fact that Pancevo is covered in a cloud of toxic waste…One wonders what it would take to make it an issue.

  4. bganon
    Feb 20, 08:31 PM #

    ‘Why the fuck didn’t KoÅ¡tunica (just for example) write a platform for how to clean up Pančevo, or what to do with Bor, instead of whining about Kosovo?’

    As you know Kostunica doesnt think about the environment at all. It doesnt really interest him, he is interested by national issues etc.

    No, this issue is left in a normal political system at least, to centre / or leftists.

    Incomprehensible to me is that LDP didnt mobilise support in Pancevo with pro – environment policies. If LDP had spoken about the environment I would have considered voting for them. Let me just add that on one occasion a certain Covic spoke about the evironment and he got my vote for his interest.

    Environmental issues in Serbia are a joke. One can make excuses and put it in context, and some of those points may be valid but there is simply no awareness.

    If you are going to write about it let me make a suggestion. If you know any children ask them about what education they receive on the environment and environmental issues.
    I think it starts there and this education costs very little.

  5. Jonathan Nathan
    Feb 24, 04:13 AM #

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  6. Eric
    Feb 28, 04:56 AM #

    Nedostajes nam!

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