The Emperors are Naked

18 April 07

Some time ago, I vowed not to follow day-to-day politics on this blog. I then realized there is nothing else to write about and that my sole worldly inspiration comes from the absurdity of politics. I will have to break the fast… If you want something better to do than read this rant, go look at some of Monday Morning Meat

One of the reasons I didn’t want to write about daily politics was that I would give too much credit to our politicians, they would seem worthy my opinion, which they are not. So, take this post as more of a “politics watch” then “politics analysis” (or anything of that sort).

Take, for example, Zobel’s (the German ambassador to Belgrade) comments on Kosovo, which flared a diplomatic incident.

The Prime Minister, KoÅ¡tunica, with his “technical” government (that is the incumbent government that does day to day work without political action, because in the meantime a new parliament was elected, but the new government hasn’t been formed yet) jumped to score some political points attacking Zobel - who just said some basic truths: that Serbia is hurting itself and the entire region by taking this idiotic stand on Kosovo.

He was closely followed by the President of the country, Tadić, who was, let me remind you, elected under the oh-so-hated former constitution, taking away much of his legitimacy.

I can’t stand this autistic, retarded, reactionary, sick, childish, self-promoting, corrupted and most of all populist fetishist stand on Kosovo.

People who are in such positions as Tadić or KoÅ¡tunica - whose party standing, personal influence and most certainly long-term monetary gain depend on the voters perception of their activity and concern for serbdom, have so little creativity, so little human dignity, that they don’t have anything else but Kosovo to wrap themselves in and shout nationalist, bordering fascist, statements every day.

You can destroy many things on the planet Earth, but one thing will stand as long as the humans live: utter and complete stupidity.

Never mind that:

  1. somebody tried to kill a journalist with a hand grenade in Belgrade. And we only have half a dozen of good journalists in this country,
  2. that the City of Leskovac can’t get further funding because of the inactivity of the Serbian Government,
  3. that the Venice Commission said that the Serbian new constitution is a bad document,
  4. that “the development and use of broadband networks in Serbia ranks among the worst in Southeastern Europe”...

... as long as we can all give our lives for Kosovo!

P.S. Stay away from Media Temple


  1. ohbabyw
    Apr 23, 10:44 PM #

    i am the evacuated Serbian women. my family too. i want all of my friends to be evacuated. regrads, evacuated fighters!

  2. Evakuacija Srba
    Apr 24, 04:32 AM #

    How true.

    ‘The Society emphasizes that the Serbs need to evacuate themselves from the mainstream of the Serbianhood’ (and Serbdom, as Dejan puts it) ‘and preserve their ideas and potentials from the gangrenous menace of national failure’.

  3. Marko
    Apr 24, 02:53 PM #

    So sad, so true.
    As usual…

  4. Cvijus
    Apr 26, 12:11 PM #

    As Einstein once said: I know for two things that are unlimited. The space and the human stupidity.

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