The million dollar question

16 February 08

Kosovo is going to declare independence tomorrow. In order to protect integrity and editorial sovereignty of this blog, I will stay silent tomorrow. I will only give you the joke below. If you really feel like reading something, I still stand behind this post.

The image was created by the Good People from the Internet. I just translated it into English.


  1. Alan Jaksic
    Feb 16, 06:24 PM #

    Yes, I saw that picture in its original Serbo-Croat form. It comes from Queeria at the B92 Blog. Rather than being in one of his blog posts, I remember seeing it in a comment he posted under someone else’s blog post.

  2. Dejan
    Feb 17, 02:01 AM #

    Alan, I got it from Parapsihopatologija forum

  3. sarah franco
    Feb 17, 02:37 AM #

    great, really funny.

    I want to send you an email but I cant find your adress. can you please use my email to send yours? I am in kosovo now and will be in belgrade next week and would like to talk to you.

  4. Peregrine
    Feb 18, 04:14 AM #

    Thanks for this Dejan. I laughed my arse off then passed it on to some other connoisseurs.

    Now if all this creativity could be harnessed to give a boost to the economy and to the political process in Serbia!

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