The Summer Holidays

25 June 07

Days are hot in Belgrade, and my inamorata called me to tell me what we decided on where we will spend our summer vacation.
- I’m worked up for Macedonia - she said - Why don’t we go to Ohrid?

This phone conversation upset me for two reasons. First of all, I realized that going to Montenegro with my parents belongs to the 20th century. The other thing was that I was more enthusiastic about Croatia. Say: Hvar or Cres.

But, more than anything, our possible seaside destinations were a landlocked country and a country to which our President just apologized for war crimes.

The choice was soon narrowed to the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia - we were both put off by the idea that we will not be able to be arrogant, loud and rude tourists if a horde of Croatian chauvinists is waiting for any opportunity to throw us into the water from a 30 feet high rock cliff during a low tide.

- Macedonia will be great, - I was being persuaded, - there is a lake to swim in and there are some beautiful Orthodox churches to visit in Ohrid.
- Is it a kind of lake that is salty and connected to an ocean? Besides, I have three beautiful Orthodox churches in my street…

There was no point in being an ass about it though. We will go to Macedonia and enjoy our time out of the country. If we get visas, we’ll go to Albania too! I heard beaches in Durrës are great. There are no tourists and the bunkers provide for great shade during hot summer days.


  1. inamorata
    Jun 25, 08:10 PM #

    Honey, that’s not what i said. :P

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