There are some things money can't buy...

1 May 07

... for everything else, there is the Serbian Orthodox Church.

I heard this anecdote from a friend of mine some time ago, and thought it would be interesting to share. I have written a lengthy rant about the Serbian Orthodox Church and Abrahamic religions in general, but decided it might be better to simply retell his story:

A young man has died and his father organized the funeral. It was a religious funeral, so a priest was present. After the entire thing was over, the father approached the priest and inquired about the price for his services.

The priest told him an amount, to which the father mumbled a protest about the price being too high, to which the priest shouted back:

- What are you saying? Your son was not worth to you that much!?


  1. pengovsky
    May 2, 06:45 PM #

    Well, at least the priest was honest about it… In my (albeit limited and second-hand) experience with the Roman Catholic church the priest would say something like “how much can you spare” and then induce the feeling of guilt to the father if it wasn’t enough – without actually ever naming the price… So the people end up coughing up plenty of money, just to stay on the safe side… ;)

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