4 October 06

An old chap from Gornji Milanovac, the kind of guy that can tell you dozens of “during the war” stories, made his little pilgrimage on Wednesday towards the highest peak of the Rudnik mountain. Carrying a scythe, he passed on several ride offers, but still had strength to mow the lawn at the place where 63 years ago the First Å umadian Brigade was formed.

On Thursday, October 5th of each year, people from around Å umadija gather around that place to commemorate the event. In 1943, two years into the war, a group of (mostly) students from Belgrade and other cities came together to form the first Partisan, anti-fascist, forces in central Serbia. Most of them never slept in the woods before, let alone tried to survive for longer time, and the brigade never made it through the winter.

I will probably be the only blogger to write about this today. Most others, if they make an effort, will discuss if October 5th, the day when Milošević was ousted, is a positive or a negative thing, if nothing changed or if it is better today.

I can only say that since 5/10/2000, there haven’t been any wars around here.


  1. Katja
    Oct 7, 05:45 AM #

    Actually there was that little messorama in Macedonia, I was in BiH in 2001, and kept seeing stuff about it in the news, on the upside, it wasn't a very big war.
    If I'd been aware of the first anniversary you mentioned, I would have blogged it! :)
    I actually own a scythe, but if I use it, I do so EXTREMELY early in the morning, the old farts who drive by offer to lend me their noisy, polluting, body shaking stinky WeedWhackers if they see me out with my scythe!
    Did I mention I consider both the Weedwhacher and the lawnmower extremely badly designed items?

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