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2 December 06

As you may have noticed, Dictionary of the Serbian Mess has a new home. In fact, it has a new name, too: ANEGDOTE. Nota Bene, it’s supposed to be spelled with a G, and I’m not particularly sure why I chose that name.

All previous posts and comments are still available and you can conveniently browse the archives. If you’d like to subscribe to the new feed, point your feed readers here

I have to apologize for bringing you this boring, sad and gray design, but it was not my fault, you see. Instructions for the computer, just like my refrigerator, water heater, dishwasher and other house appliances, came only in Slovenian1.

The site is hosted thanks to my friendly Romanian2 neighbor, Bogdan of Blogoslovenia.

Anegdote.com hopes to bring more joy into your homes and quality customer service, with new products on the way. Your satisfaction is guaranteed3!

Talk to you all soon!

1 Not really.

2 Really.

3 Subject to your political affiliation and willingness to put up with my English.


  1. Viktor
    Dec 3, 12:11 AM #

    Hey, hey – new name, new design, txp… cool!
    I like the name, it’s a great blend of English and Serbian.
    Good luck at your new home :)

  2. Anegdote
    Dec 3, 02:54 AM #

    Thanks, Viktor!

  3. Michael M.
    Dec 4, 03:06 AM #

    Looks great! Will the content remain more or less the same? Or will you be changing direction?

  4. Francis Tyers
    Dec 4, 06:59 AM #

    The logo background is certainly not an improvement! :)

  5. Anegdote
    Dec 4, 09:18 AM #

    Michael, I hope to get some more interactive content up there too.

    But, besides the blog, I just might introduce another section, with fiction, or something along that line.

    It will take some time for bigger changes, though, nothing radical for sure.

  6. Warchild
    Dec 4, 01:18 PM #

    Yeah, bring back the 101 pic.

  7. Alex
    Jun 17, 03:40 PM #

    Good site, admin.

  8. Alexis
    Jun 17, 03:46 PM #

    Good site, admin.

  9. Hot
    Jun 17, 03:52 PM #

    Good site, admin.

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