The Legs

26 June 07

Allow me to, once again, present you with a brand new design of Anegdote. If you missed the last post, it’s here: The Summer Holidays.

I tried to make the design a bit more interesting this time and I didn’t do it half-assed like I did the old one. I also introduced a new feature: Gravatar – a site where you can assign an avatar with your e-mail, so the next time you enter your e-mail in the comment, your avatar will be displayed on any site that supports Gravatar! Way cool, trust me!

Let me remind you that you can subscribe to RSS or Atom feed. The archive of old posts is at

This design will be a work in progress. I hope to add “recent articles” section to the front page and tweak it here or there and introduce a new section to the site.

All comments are greatly appreciated. But, foremost, if you have any accessibility issues with the website, please let me know. I am going out of my way to make my designs accessible so if you have any issues with readability or navigation and intuitiveness, do e-mail me (contact information at the bottom of the page, or post a comment here).


  1. Francis Tyers
    Jun 26, 05:45 PM #

    You suck, bring back the old design!!!

  2. Dejan
    Jun 26, 05:48 PM #


    I assume your constructive criticism will come over a beer sometimes this summer? :)

  3. Francis Tyers
    Jun 26, 05:56 PM #

    Haha! Well, I’ll give you the full report then, but here is a sneak preview: 1) I don’t like the legs, 2) I don’t like the lensflare, 3) I liked the Zastava chick and the “BRINGING THE SERBS TO HEEL” magazine cover :D

  4. Dejan
    Jun 26, 05:58 PM #

    Fran, you are a Gnome user, but I will still take your aesthetics criticism into account :)

    Thanks ;)

  5. Bogdan
    Jun 26, 08:36 PM #

    It would look better if they were the legs of the Zastava chick!

  6. Viktor
    Jun 28, 04:59 AM #

    Me likes.
    I think that you could use the right sidebar to put something in there as well, previous posts maybe or something like that. But frankly I think i put too much crap in my sidebars sometimes, so maybe I’m wrong.

    I also prefer when I can see two or three whole last posts on the front page instead of one, but that’s just me, it doesn’t mean everyone should like it. Less clicks to see something is better imo.
    Font, colors and legs are all fine by me :D

  7. Cvijus
    Jun 28, 03:15 PM #

    Nice design Dejane, but I would preffer if these legs were female :P

  8. Dejan
    Jun 28, 04:16 PM #

    Cvijus – to each his own :)

    Actually, the legs are (should be!) female, and this would be a good time (I completely forgot) to credit Meliha Gojak from Sarajevo for the photo.

  9. varske
    Jul 2, 08:25 PM #

    Thanks for the tip about the gravatar. I had to try it out.

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